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Arctickara Kennels

We are a small Kennel based on the North West Coast of Tasmania, in the quiet Town of Ulverstone. Our first Siberian Husky joined our family in 1991 and others have followed. In 2005 became involved in German Shepherds.

Having been involved with the Siberian Husky Breed for 18 years, the joy of owning and caring for the dogs is first and foremost.

We breed very selectively and keeping something for ourselves is the main aim. We didn't have our first litter until recently and strive to breed, quality, soundness with good temperaments. We believe in working and spending quality time with our dogs. They love running on the beach and going for a bike ride.

Being very involved in Puppy Training and for the last 8 years help run show class for new exhibitors, we feel it is important to have dogs that are socialized and happy to be handled.

We are thankful for the support over the years from Sharon of "Shadowolf Kennels" and Jenny from "Tsarniik Kennels" in NZ.

We would also like to thank Pat and Kevin Eaves-Tennant from Karraine Kennels for sending us a couple of lovely German Shepherds. Their advice and knowledge about the breed is exemplary and their continued support has been a real inspiration to us

We are very fortunate to have such dedicated friends in our lives.




Contact Details
jeri Van Schie
Ulverstone, TAS, Australia
Phone : +61439800628
Email : jerushavanschie@gmail.com

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