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  Name : Bob Warner of Warner Pet Products
Web Site :
Country : United State
How you found us : Google Search
Comments : Husky breeders seem to be hard to find these days! Especially in 2020. I like to connect with breeders and offer them some custom engraved red leather collars. I make them myself, you can see my website above. I'd love to partner with you!
Date : 12-Nov-20

  Name : Maureen,Darryl & Guy.Robey.
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Charlene.Fisher. Illahee Siberians.
Comments : Charlene is our Siberian husky's breeder. Our Misha "Little Bear" her father is Dantes Inferno, Mother Ali.We think Misha is an older sister, to your Sonata,same parents, but from a litter, 8yrs ago,she is beautiful, happy husky. All your Siberians look gorgeous also Hope to be in touch soon. Maureen.
Date : 3-Sep-16

  Name : Dani
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : husky breeders
Comments : wow, you have a gorgeous family of huskys i'm a major husky lover & am looking for husky puppies or just one to buy. :) great site! x
Date : 18-Mar-10

  Name : Monica Faulkner
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : dogzonline
Comments : Love the new puppies. They are stunning. Each of them has something with real potential. Wish you all the best with them. I have always been a big fan of Chief.
Date : 17-Jan-10

  Name : Sharon - Shadowolf
Web Site : http://well ... same as yours really!
Country : Australia
How you found us : :-)
Comments : Missing the pups heaps already. Make sure you give them big cuddles from me, their 'other, other mother'.
Date : 13-Jan-10

  Name : facey family
Web Site :
Country : australia
How you found us : a friend
Comments : we are so glad we found you as we are now the lucky family as we now have tyee and we love her very much thanks again xxx
Date : 13-Jan-10

  Name : Jenny Becker
Web Site :
Country : New Zealand
How you found us :
Comments : Website update looks great guys :-) Congratulations on your babies, they really are little stunners. We are very proud grandparents!
Date : 14-Nov-09

  Name : Paul Weeda
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : you gave birth to me
Comments : Love the site, great photo's, maybe their should be a dedicated page to Tori's finest boy, Louie
Date : 4-Mar-09

  Name : Josephine
Web Site :
Country : Tasmania
How you found us : You Told me
Comments : Cant wait for my girl to get back in the ring and i hope the babies turn out just as good
Date : 21-Oct-08

  Name : Katie Davis
Web Site :
Country : Australia/NSW
How you found us : DOL
Comments : Hi Ria, Long time no speak, nice to see your new website up and running, it looks great :-) Congrats on your litter. Speak Soon, Katie & Mick
Date : 15-Oct-08

  Name : Candy
Web Site :
Country : Aust
How you found us : DOL
Comments : Hey there, great to see you are involved in the 2 BEST breeds :-) Now I know where my girl's litter brother is... Wishing you guys all the best with your lovely Siberians and GSDs. Cheers, Candy (Perth, WA)
Date : 15-Oct-08

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